Residential - Bathroom Renovations

We’ll turn your bathroom into your own personal spa.

At Delwin Construction, we’ll use our design and construction expertise to upgrade your bathroom so that it’s functional, practical and, at the same time, relaxing and beautiful.

Complete bathroom renovations can include new flooring, wall and shower tiles, lighting fixtures, vanity and cabinetry as well as a walk-in shower and even a luxury tub.

We’ll renovate your bathroom so that it meets your style and layout specifications, and is of the highest quality. We’ll build your dream bathroom, whether it’s sleek and contemporary or classic.

Delwin construction is a full-service construction company and a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. Over the years, our highly specialized team has distinguished itself by executing projects with detailed plans, and by completing those projects so that they meet the highest standards.

If you’re planning to renovate your apartment or house in Vancouver, and you’re looking for a contractor who pays attention to details, has a passion for precision and is committed to quality work, we can help.